We makes websites and web applications. Whether you're a small husband-and-wife team or a large multinational organization – we have the experience, knowledge and network to make your project a success.


Over the years we have made many websites for many organizations, small and large, famous, important, or just getting started. Depending on the situation, these projects are typically the online equivalent of an information brochure. The website should communicate clearly, efficiently, elegantly and confidently what you do and how that helps your site's visitor.

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Web applications

Many of our larger projects are still very much internet based, but they are not traditional websites anymore. A traditional website is very much like a digital brochure – you read and consume what's on the site, but you don't necessarily interact with it. In comparison, a web application can for example offer advanced database functionality, allow the user to buy or compare products, or interact in complex ways with the provided information. As such, a web application is much more than an online brochure - it is an online application.

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Our consulting projects involve situations where we join an existing team to quickly provide hands-on expertise in complicated projects. We can also provide purely advisory services as to how to run your IT team and how to update your development practices. Experience, deep technical knowledge, social and political skills combined with a healthy dose of common sense can make all the difference.

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