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Embeddable Size Advisor

For the German “Start-up of the Year” (2011) we built an embeddable widget that can be integrated in an online clothing store. The widget determines the clothing size that will best fit the visitor. This size recommendation widget is embedded in hundreds of websites, a.o. Europe’s leading e-retailers (Otto and Zalando), and in the websites of big name brands such as The North Face.


  • coffeescript
  • nodejs
  • javascript
  • json
  • html
  • scss


FitAnalytics proposes a clothing size to online shoppers, but to be able to do that, they need to have a way of interacting with the shopper before he or she buys a piece of clothing. The online store can achieve this by installing the FitAnalytics “Size Advisor” on their site. This adds a button to the site that opens the size advisor.

The size advisor itself comes in the form of a small javascript file that needs to be included on the site, and once invoked, it opens a popup that guides the visitor through a short process that results in an advise to buy a specific clothing size. The size advisor is used by over 3 million users each month.

An example of this process can be seen in the screenshots below.


As said, the size advisor is integrated into the site of clothing store. For the casual shopper it appears to be a part of the site itself, but in reality the size advisor is an external part of the site that hosted by FitAnalytics.

Ed is the best freelancer we ever worked with

Asaf Moses

CEO of FitAnalytics

The size advisor is written in CoffeeScript, which is automatically compiled into Javascript and then served to the user. CoffeeScript was a logical choice for this project as all of the main backend code was already written in CoffeeScript, and because CoffeeScript is a pleasant language to work in. Styling is done with SCSS stylesheets, and the advisor itself is fed with JSON data from the NodeJS backend server to determine what needs to be displayed.


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