Online teaching method for drama education


  • idea development
  • project management
  • web development

We built an interactive online teaching method for drama education, that allows teachers of primary school classes to teach drama lessons to children aged 6 to 12.


In the Netherlands, there’s an official requirement that primary school children receive drama education at school. However, the teaching methods that are in use are mostly book-based, and as such do not fully utilize the possibilities of the 21st century. Additionally, many of the books only feature a limited number of drama exercises, which means that (as a teacher) you’re very quickly out of material.


Rik and Eva of DramaOnline wanted to take that opportunity and improve drama education in the Netherlands. We helped them develop their initial idea and developed the idea into the blue prints of what would eventually be built: we devised use cases, wireframe and interaction designs, translated those into a web design, and used all of that to build a working web application.

Example use

This application is aimed at primary school teachers, and at universities and colleges that educate future school teachers.

How the application is typically used can be seen in these screenshots:



  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Yii framework
  • Concrete5 CMS

This system is built with PHP and MySQL. We used the Yii framework to make sure the system is fast and stable. The website also features an extensive administration backend where site administrators can add, edit and delete users, exercises, contracts and videos, and where they can access crucial site statistics to comprehend how people use the application.

The website uses the Concrete5 Content Management System to power the regular website that is shown to visitors that are not logged in. Concrete5 allows almost anyone, without training, to quickly make changes to the site: Once you login, you just click the part of the page you want to edit and you can start typing right away. This makes it very easy to keep the site up to date. Adding images, videos, forms, and interactive content is similarly easy.

Watch an introduction video about Concrete5.


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