University of Amsterdam

Chemical Youth research program


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  • web design
  • web development
  • cms

The Chemical Youth Research Programme at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands "draw(s) on medical anthropology and studies of science, technology and contemporary youth culture to study the lived effects of chemicals". The research programme was started in 2013 and needed a visual identity and a website to help establish themselves. We built them a modern, mobile-friendly site with a powerful but easy to understand Content Management System.

The logo

The first thing we did for them, though, was to design a logo that they could use on business cards, presentations and on their website. Tessa designed an awesome logo that encapsulates the chemical basis of the research subject by incorporating a stylized molecule in the logo.

Logo of the Chemical Youth Research Programme

A logo is an important part of the visual identity, and the level of care and detail that went into designing this logo really helps to establish a first impression that is serious, professional, and creative.

The website

We tried to keep the website simple, but effective. The design is clean and modern, and the content focuses on the research group, the people, and their field of research. Additionally, each researcher has a biographical page with contact details, an overview of their research, and a list of publications.

For an impression of the various pages on the site, you can scroll through these screenshots (click to enlarge).


Content Management System

Like in most of our sites, we used the “Concrete 5” Content Management System to allow the people in the research group to edit their website. It allows almost anyone, without training, to quickly make changes to the site: Once you login, you just click the part of the page you want to edit and you can start typing right away. This makes it very easy to keep the site up to date. Adding images, videos, forms, and interactive content is similarly easy.